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Glen Check Tweed Project Vol.2

Aichi Prefecture Ichinomiya city is widely known textile origin as Bishu production area

The original tweed of Orguele is woven by old-fashioned manufacturing method in this Bishu production area

Until the sunset from early in the morning.

For many years skilled craftsmen who have been involved in making fabrics in the Bishu production area watch over the movements of the weaving machine all day long.

A craftworker who has been facing this weaver for nearly half a century is likely to understand the condition of the machine on that day.

I feel the condition of the day with my eyes and ears, applying delicate adjustments that I only know by experience value, moving the loom.

This loom in Mr. Hataya was used for about 40 years.

The old-fashioned shuttle loom called the so-called "hegel loom" is a domestic loom made with reference to the weaving machine of "German loom" which is a German loom manufacturer.

In the Bishu production area, there are few Tonhel Looms here, but it is still active at present.

Tommelle loom is known as a loom that is time consuming and time consuming to woven fabric unlike modern "innovation loom".

The mechanism that passes wooden parts with a weft thread called shuttle between the warp threads needs a process to replenish the shuttle and replace the shuttle.

Also, due to the size and movement limit of the shuttle itself, the speed of weaving fabric compared to innovation loom is inferior.

However, while it is troublesome and inefficient, on the other hand, it is characterized by finishing the texture with a moderate texture.

The fabric woven with the Tonhell loom has an uneven feeling, the texture is soft and shows a rich look like a vintage fabric.

In the past, the Tonghe loom which existed many times in the Bishu production area has also decreased in number and has become rare.

From the reduction of the scarcity of the looms themselves, and the reduction of skilled craftsmen who can manipulate them, fabrics woven by Tommelle looms are now rare and expensive with little market distribution.

A wooden component visible in the machine is a shuttle.

This shuttle is driven and the fabric weaves up.

A distinctive sound that hits the shuttle "Kang, Kan" resonates throughout the factory.

Three pieces of precious tweed fabric woven by skilled craftsmen.

Please expect it.

OR-4108 Glen Check Jacket

OR-4107 Glen Check Gilet

OR-1049 Glen Check Trousers