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Made New Design for Tag

It is a sample of a new label.

The name woven at ultra high density.

Thin numeral thread. It is a fine tag.

Type with both ends folded.

Tag broken into triangles like the name of the early 1900's.

Just changing the way you fold changes the atmosphere considerably.

Tag with white thread on warp.

It is like putting on jeans.

When put on a T-shirt.

Black character in white base, beige character in white base, white character in black base, yellow letters in black base

Every design has a nice atmosphere. I will not be sure which one to choose.

Tag that expresses the brand.

A small part that sews when making clothes.

Very important design.

I'd like to decide which one to think carefully.

Items using this name are sold around autumn.

Now, which one should I use?